Why invest in Lion Energy?


Board, management and advisory team have extensive experience in the Asian energy space; spanning technical, operational, commercial, financial and managerial disciplines; public and private environments; successful entrepreneurial track records.

Existing conventional assets

Provide cashflow; diversify exploration risk; come with unconventional rights; and provide operating synergies.

Early mover advantage in Indonesia’s emerging unconventional business

Already "staked a claim" over 17,000 sq.km through Joint Study Applications (JSA’s), which is a precursor to building a large portfolio position; as an analogy, in Coal Bed Methane , 54 PSC's were awarded in just 5 years, most through the JSA process.

Material upside potential

Multi-tcf gas and multi-hundred mmbbl oil unconventional exploration potential; significant upside with large, attractive prospects in conventional Lion held exploration plays.

Attractive environment

Indonesia has: good fiscal terms for unconventionals; a history of stability in oil and gas contracts; extensive oil and gas industry infrastructure and workforce; strong domestic energy demand; high gas prices.