Strategic Investors

Risco Energy Investments Pte Ltd

Risco is a private energy investment company registered in Singapore whose founders and management have a strong track record in South East Asia energy investments, particularly Indonesia. This experience covers management, operational, financial and technical roles in both the listed and unlisted environments.

Established in June 2010, Risco has an experienced and competent management team possessing over 150 years of collective practise, with skill set spanning technical, commercial, transactional and financial markets in an oil and gas context. In 2013, the team achieved significant value creation, and subsequent monetisation, of its first South East Asian oil and gas conventional and unconventional portfolio. In addition to its proven track record, Risco’s management team has strong ties to Asia Pacific capital markets to support its activities in the region.

Risco's team is currently in the process of building its second South East Asian oil and gas conventional and unconventional portfolio. Risco’s main assets are capital and capability to deploy into selected investments.

Tower Energy Indonesia Limited

Tower is an investment holding company founded in 2012 by Sammy Hamzah to pursue early entry into unconventional exploration (non CBM) opportunities in Indonesia.

Tower Indonesia Shale Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tower, which was incorporated in 26 June 2013 specifically to pursue opportunities in Indonesian shale oil and gas.

Sammy is one of the pioneers of the Indonesian unconventional oil and gas industry and has over 20 years of general management experience, having former been the Senior Vice President of Unocal Indonesia Company (now Chevron Indonesia Company).

Sammy is the founding shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of Ephindo Energy Private Limited, Indonesia’s leading first mover CBM company. He is also currently Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Petroleum Association and Chairman of the Permanent Committee of Coordination of Energy Association at KADIN (Indonesian Chambers of Commerce) and is a founder of the CBM Advisory Board and a non-executive director of Rio Tinto Indonesia.